Brother Deacon Steve Greco  was recently awarded with the 2022 National Legatus “Bowie Kuhn Award” for Evangelization. This is a major award and something we should all take to heart. On behalf of the Council of the Rock, I wish to congratulate Deacon Steve on this most deserved and outstanding achievement.


The Bowie Kuhn Award for Evangelization is named after Bowie Kuhn, the former Major League Baseball commissioner who was Catholic. It recognizes a member’s efforts to “spread the good news of Jesus Christ among his/her peers and his/her noteworthy dedication to the mission and ideals of Legatus.




“The mark of the true Catholic business leader in the workplace is that he should treat people with compassion, kindness, and always be truthful. Mention God and Jesus in conversation. Let people know what you believe and why. You are the ‘fifth gospel’!” – Deacon Steve Greco


Thank you Deacon Steve for encouraging us to be bold and exemplify the power of the Holy Spirit!



Chris DeSantis

Grand Knight

Council of the Rock at SEAS Parish