Council of the Rock's & rolls...paint
by Dan Hoffman

The Columbian year of 2020-2021 has been rather locked down, but we few Knights wary and bold, dared help one of our own, Bill Wolfe, get his fence re-painted.   Wise old Bill, being 90 & feeling a bit unsteady let us know his true love catholic boss partner for 68 years and counting, Delores wanted the backyard fence whitewashed. Supplies from Brother Knight Chris DeSantis who couldn't make it that day and Brad Oelschlager (bright orange in these pics) rolled through the bushes alongside Brian Wolf (who dressed in black to paint a white fence??), myself Dan Hoffman in refined scruffy painter clothes and of course our worthy Grand Knight Mike Caruso (defacto proof he is our smart leader being dressed in white to paint a white fence.)  Done in a bright & cheery November morn.  Bill & Delores fed this squad of Knights well that day.