Solidarity Cross Program - Help for Christians in the Middle East

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The persecution of Christians is a worldwide problem. In fact, according to the International Society for Human Rights, 80 percent of religious discrimination in our world today is directed against Christians. A terrible microcosm of this phenomenon is occurring in Iraq and Syria, where Christians have been murdered, enslaved and driven from their homes in staggering numbers. Today, we are compelled as an organization to speak up for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Pope Francis has called the conditions in which Christian refugees live intolerable. He has said the situation calls for our commitment to prayer and concrete efforts to help. He has said their suffering has reduced him to tears. He has called what they endure genocide. It is time for a season of truth about what is happening to Christians and other minorities.

The Knights of Columbus Christian refugee Relief Fund uses our donations both to purchase crosses from Christians in the Holy Land, directly supporting the livelihood of the 200 households that crafted them, and to provide the essentials of life for those who have lost all they had while seeking refuge.

We ask for a minimum donation of $10 and your prayers for those persecuted in the Middle East for their Christian Faith.

On behalf of the Council of the Rock, thank you for your Solidarity Cross Donation.
George Malouf and Nick Winter

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